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We offer simple, yet tried-and-tested equipment for fixed asset inventory counts in small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions (up to 30,000 asset items). We use the same equipment in thousands of product and asset inventory counts every year.

Using our dantem.FAST (Fixed ASset Tracking) solution, an inventory count is conducted as follows:

  1. Asset data is imported from accounting or operational records into the inventory application and then transferred to mobile terminals.
  2. A physical asset inventory count is gradually conducted by reading barcodes from the labels affixed to assets. The terminal software allows for continuous asset tracking.
  3. Data is continuously transferred to the computer application where it is assessed, making it possible to continuously monitor any assets that have not been found, as well as asset movements, etc.
  4. Upon completion of the physical inventory count and tracking, accounting or operational records of assets are updated based on the inventory count results, either manually or automatically. Inventories can also be printed.

Our solution typically consists of the following parts:

  • Portable terminals (“readers") equipped with special inventory software, allowing for efficient inventory counts in the field, including work with the expected status and additional data collection (such as serial number or asset status).
  • Application for computer-based processing of inventory counts - a program for continuous processing of data from portable terminals and assessment of the inventory count process (overviews of assets found or not found, filtering by locations/centers, report printing, etc.).
  • Barcode printer including software for easy barcode printing throughout the year, either from Excel or directly from your information system.

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