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Mystery shopping is an effective tool for assessing the quality of products and services provided to customers in retail, service and other areas. Based on the findings, it is easy to define weaknesses and propose specific measures and improvements. Mystery shopping can therefore be considered an effective way to assess customer services.

The service is conducted in the form of a secret visit where a specialist agent (mystery shopper) pretends to be a regular customer. These specialized tests can be repeated on a regular basis and, on the basis of their ongoing assessment, this can significantly increase the level of service quality. The specific aspects to be monitored are based on the client's requirements. The most common aspects include:

  • general impression given by the staff, as well as the staff's appearance and cleanliness.
  • staff's proactivity and knowledgeability
  • quality of the products offered
  • cleanliness of establishments
  • compliance with loss prevention and data privacy policies

Main Benefits of the Service

  • highly efficient - we typically collect data electronically using a PDA; thanks to our branches, we can minimize transport and accommodation costs
  • maximum transparency - detailed records of the conducted visits are continuously available to the client online
  • high capacity and flexibility - we have more than 1,000 workers in the field every month throughout the Czech Republic and in neighbouring countries
  • transparent pricing conditions - the price per visit is fixed and includes all costs, including (if necessary) transport, accommodation and data processing
  • tailored outputs - all data is typically collected and assessed in electronic form, and the content and structure of the reports are fully adapted to the requirements of the client and the report recipient (senior management, middle management, establishment managers)

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