Fixed asset inventory counts

We conduct quick and accurate fixed asset inventory counts and supply all necessary equipment.

  • The service is conducted by experienced inventory teams equipped with mobile workplaces.
  • If the assets are not labelled, we label them with barcodes or 2D codes as part of the first inventory count. In the following inventory counts, we label newly-acquired assets and replace damaged labels.
  • We systematically search for any assets that have not been found.
  • In addition to asset location, we are able to collect additional details (serial number, status, type, etc.).
  • We process the data electronically in the form required by the client, including proper inventories.
  • Based on more than ten years of experience in the industry, we are also equipped to handle nonstandard situations, specific assets and demanding operations.
  • We also supply clients with all the necessary equipment – barcode printers, portable terminals (“readers”) and all software.


The price for the inventory count is usually based on the asset unit quantity or set as a fixed price for the entire project. The final price is thus completely transparent and known in advance. We set the price depending on the structure of the assets, the method of previous asset records, the location of individual establishments, etc.

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Main benefits of the service

  • high efficiency and accuracy – our staff are experienced specialists
  • advanced methodology – a result of many years of experience
  • independence and impartiality – the resulting data is accurate and objective
  • zero cost of staff training/management and overtime
  • zero cost of equipment and its maintenance

Options and related services

  • asset tracking equipment – barcode printers, portable terminals, software
  • consumable materials for asset tracking – e-shop with labels and tapes for barcode printers
  • asset inventory counts using RFID tags, i.e. smart labels with a chip, instead of labels with barcodes
  • traditional asset inventory counts without using barcodes


  • hotels
  • financial institutions
  • administrative buildings
  • medical facilities
  • IT and technology companies
  • production plants
  • logistics companies
  • retail chains
  • shopping centers
  • schools and sports facilities
  • public and cultural institutions
  • non-profit sector