Retail and warehousing services

In addition to inventory counts, we offer retailers, production companies and warehouse operators other specialized services. The most common services are:

  • merchandising, product removal from storage and product receipt into storage – we receive products into storage at newly-opened establishments, and remove products from storage from closed or temporarily closed establishments, as well as provide merchandising on an ongoing basis,
  • mystery shopping – secret checks of customer services at individual establishments,
  • product labelling – we attach labels, stamps or best-before dates to products,
  • product repricing – we attach discount labels to products or update shelf labels,
  • planogram checks – we check that the required planograms are followed,
  • price integrity checks – we check the correct location of shelf labels and their time relevance,
  • delivery and dispatch checks – we check products received from suppliers or dispatched to buyers with regard to types, quantity or quality,
  • product sorting – we sort products based on the criteria required.


Depending on the nature of the services, we set prices either based on performance (performance-based unit price or price for the entire project) or at a fixed hourly rate. For large projects, we offer free trial operation.

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Main benefits of the services

  • tailored methodology – we always adapt the way we work to suit the client’s needs, but we always try to develop the most efficient methodology; in order to achieve this, we use our own hardware and software developed by us
  • high capacity and flexibility – we can deploy up to hundreds of staff in a short period of time
  • tailored outputs – we collect and assess all data in electronic form
  • zero cost of staff training/management and overtime
  • zero cost of equipment and its maintenance

Related services

Our clients

  • hypermarkets
  • supermarkets
  • department stores
  • fashion and accessories stores
  • pharmacies
  • drugstores
  • perfumeries
  • shoe stores
  • DIY stores
  • furniture stores
  • bookstores
  • electrical supplies and IT stores
  • housewares stores
  • gas stations
  • convenience stores
  • newsstands
  • distribution centers
  • wholesalers
  • production warehouses
  • production plants